Larry Carlton

Released November 13, 2001

Grammy Nominee Best Contemporary Jazz Album 2003




With both the confidence and taste of a seasoned veteran and the boundless energy and adventure of a colt just set free to run unrestrained, on “Deep Into It”, Larry Carlton continues to set standards to which others can only aspire. As always, on the eleven cuts of “Deep Into It” – six of which were written or cowritten by Larry – his touch is alternately mystical, magical and majestic, alternately cool, hot and always inimitable. Typical of Larry’s lifelong penchant to go wherever his instincts and inspiration lead him, “Deep Into It” is underpinned with an irresistible R&B flavor which Larry attributes significantly to the talents of his co-producer, Paul Brown, who also shares writer’s credits on three of the album’s songs. Among other personal standouts for Larry on “Deep Into It” is his own “Closer To Home,” a sultry, silky jazz/pop ballad. “I was just so pleased with that song,” says Larry, “because it has the sound of a very simple, familiar tune, but harmonically it’s very sophisticated.”

Track Listing:

1. Put It Where You Want It (Joe Sample) 4:15

2. Deep into It (Carl Burnett / Larry Carlton) 4:20

3. Don’t Break My Heart (Larry Carlton / Rex Rideout) 4:00

4. I Still Believe (Christopher Bolden / J.B. Eckl) featuring: Wendy Moten 4:00

5. Morning Magic (Carl Burnett / Larry Carlton) 4:17

6. It’s a Groove Thang (Larry Carlton) 4:45

7. Closer to Home (Larry Carlton) 3:48

8. I Can’t Tell You Why (Glenn Frey / Glenn Fry / Don Henley / Timothy L. Schmidt / Timothy B. Schmit) featuring: Shai 4:27

9. Like Butta’ (Larry Carlton) 5:07

10. Roll with It (Brian Holland / Will Jennings / Steve Winwood) 5:23

11. Put It Where You Want It (Joe Sample) 10:38


Larry Carlton: guitar

Chris Potter: saxophone

Rick Jackson: wurlitzer electric piano, keyboards, rhodes

Ricky Peterson: organ, keyboards, piano, rhodes

Chris Kent: bass

Billy Kilson: drums

Paulinho Da Costa: percussion

Carl Burnett: keyboards, drum programming, bass, rhythm guitar

Kirk Whalum: saxophone

Deron Johnson: organ

Larry Williams: additional keyboards, flute, saxophone

Jerry Hey: trumpet, flugelhorn

Dan Higgins: saxophone

Andy Martin: trombone

Lenny Castro: percussion

Rex Rideout: keyboards, drum programming

Wendy Moten: vocals

Sue Ann Carwell: background vocals

Carl Carwell: background vocals

Larry Kimpel: bass

Harvey Mason: drums

Bill Reichenbach: trombone

Shai: vocals, keyboards, drum programming

Recorded at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA, Funky Joint, Schnee Studios, The Sound Kitchen, Nashville, TN

Produced by Paul Brown and Larry Carlton

Mastering: Stephen Marcussen

Digital Editing: Stewart Whitmore


Some of jazz’ finest musicians join guitarist Larry Carlton on Deep Into It, his second CD as a leader for the Warner Bros. Jazz label. Carlton wrote six new songs for this offering, and covers such songs as “Put It Where You Want It,” written by Joe Sample, and the Stevie Winwood hit “Roll With It.” Accompanying musicians are Chris Potter on saxophone and Billy Kilson on drums, both known primarily for their work with the Dave Holland Quintet; Harvey Mason, who holds down the rhythm logic on “I Still Believe”; and smooth jazz phenom Kirk Whalum, who turns in a great solo on the title track, on tenor saxophone. The two tenor saxophonists are highly capable in different approaches, and Carlton makes good use of both Potter and Whalum throughout the program. R&B hitmaker Shai lends his soulful vocals to “I Can’t Tell You Why,” and truly gives the Eagles’ mega-hit a fresh interpretation with his one-of-a-kind artistry. Carlton’s updated interpretations are a nice mixture of smooth, pop, and jazz guitar stylings, making for very creative listening on the beautiful “Closer to Home.” His mellow tones and picking techniques are but two of the most fetching aspects of this work, as well as his new phrasings and smooth sound. These characteristics — tone, phrasings, the shape of his underlying musical ideas, and the ability to connect emotionally with the listener — are a few of the differences between Deep Into It and Carlton’s previous effort, Fingerprints, and are all solid reasons for adding this CD to your smooth jazz collection.

Paula Edelstein (Allmusic)