Tell Tale (Drip Audio)

Peggy Lee

Released December 4, 2016

DownBeat Four-and-a-Half-Star Review




Film in Music is a project led by Vancouver based cellist/composer Peggy Lee. It was first conceived as a musical response to writer/creator David Milch’s HBO series, Deadwood. The eight-piece band of improvisers drawn from Vancouver’s rich creative music community is understood as analogous to a cast of characters in a story––within the framework of a composed musical suite, each improviser contributes to the unfolding musical drama through small ensemble improvisations and solo ‘monologues’. The seven composed sections imply the arc of a story and act as launching pads for extended improvised statements that take the listener on a journey that is never the same twice. The musical narrative travels from lush, tender beauty to stark abstractions–from playful exchanges to dense confrontations–always ending with a wild, off kilter parade. The ensemble features some of Vancouver’s most well-know improvisers, all of whom are master musical story tellers capable of conjuring up rich sonic atmospheres and landscapes. Film in Music offers a unique and transformative musical experience.

Cellist, improviser, composer Peggy Lee makes her home in Vancouver, B.C. where she records and performs with longtime music associates including Tony Wilson, Ron Samworth, Dylan van der Schyff, Wayne Horvitz and Robin Holcomb. Peggy also leads or co-leads a numbers of music projects: The Peggy Lee Band, Film in Music, Echo Painting, Handmade Blade (with JP Carter and Aram Bajakian), Waxwing (with Tony Wilson and Jon Bentley) and Beautiful Tool (with Mary Margaret O’Hara). In 2005, Peggy received the Freddie Stone Award for integrity and innovation in music and in 2010 she was awarded a Jesse Richardson Tehatre Award for outstanding composition. Peggy was the 2013 recipient of the Vancouver Mayor’s Arts Awards for music.

Track Listing:

1. A Turn Of Events 05:13

2. Loyalties 04:17

3. Gruesome Goo 03:31

4. Egg Hatched 04:38

5. Wild Bill 06:05

6. Epilogue To Part 1 06:27

7. An Eyeball For Dan 05:31

8. Ensemble 03:49

9. Dangling W 02:52

10. A Walk Through Town 04:40

11. Nagging Doubts 02:24

12. Finale: God’s Laughter and A Parade 06:29


Kevin Elaschuk: trumpet
Jesse Zubot: violin
Dylan van der Schyff: drums
Torsten Müller: acoustic bass
Peggy Lee: cello
André Lachance: electric bass
Chris Gestrin: Fender Rhodes
Ron Samworth: guitar

Recorded February 2014, at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Canada

Recorded by Eric Mosher

Assisted by Ryan Enackson

Mixed and edited by Dylan van der Schyff

Mixing manipulation, rewiring and mastering by Jesse Zubot

Art and design by Lee Hutzulak

Band photo by Myriam Casper


Initially inspired by David Milch’s HBO series Deadwood, multi-award winning Vancouver cellist/composer Peggy Lee’s Tell Tale features Film In Music’s dramatic improvisation with seven composed sections. Elite Vancouver musicians join Lee exploring deep cinematic textural journeying and Zen-like moments. Haunting solos transcend from the rapturous Lee. Divine.

Kerilie McDowall (DownBeat)