Voices of Our Vision (self-released)

Tune Recreation Committee 

Released March 29, 2017

New York Times Best Jazz Albums of 2017






The Cape Town –based TRC takes original tunes and reinvents nods from their influences to embracing vibrant underground music scene of drum and bass to Balkanology. Fusing imported sounds and exporting to their own flavor. Either going into a Ghoema -tinged feel or just improvising around the melody. The T.R.C is the playground for the interrogation, assimilation and extended extemporisation from the canon of South African jazz heritage.

Track Listing:

1. Umhlangano 19:24

2. uMuvangeli 8:15

3. Reprise 5:12

4. Ke TS.O.NA 4:40

5. Voices Of Our Vision 9:12

6. R.O.AD 10:34

7. Hop n Skop 5:30

8. T.W.E 8:13

9. Balkan Zulu 6:48


Mandla Mlangeni: trumpet

Reza Khota: guitar

Nicholas Williams: bass

Clement Benny: drums

Afrika Mkhize: piano

Mark Fransman: alto saxophone, flute and accordion

Recorded & Mastered in New York City


Led by the trumpeter Mandla Mlangeni, this alliance of young South African musicians delves into the country’s syncretic cultural heritage — then ventures beyond. You hear Balkan folk, American funk, West African high life, South African free jazz. Most of all, you hear five bristling improvisers dancing together, modeling a kind of thoughtful communion.

(New York Times)