My Garden (Stones Throw)

John Carroll Kirby 

Released April 24, 2020

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My Garden, a collection of songs written, recorded and produced entirely by Kirby, is a pure distillation of his sound — soulful, spiritual, and evocative. Demonstrating perfectly why Kirby is the go-to collaborator for artists ranging from experimental auteurs Bat for Lashes and Connan Mockasin to pop megastars Harry Styles and Kali Uchis, and R&B innovators Solange and Frank Ocean, My Garden is also a testament to the clarity and singularity of Kirby’s vision.

Track Listing:

1. Blueberry Beads (John Carroll Kirby) 3:27

2. By the Sea (John Carroll Kirby) 5:00

3. Night Croc (John Carroll Kirby) 3:30

4. Arroyo Seco (John Carroll Kirby) 4:48

5. Son of Pucabufeo (John Carroll Kirby) 1:59

6. San Nicolas Island (John Carroll Kirby) 1:53

7. Humid Mood (John Carroll Kirby) 3:17

8. Lay You Down (John Carroll Kirby) 2:48

9. Wind (John Carroll Kirby) 5:27


John Carroll Kirby: keyboards

Neil Finn: percussion

J. P. Maramba: bass (1)

Recorded at Roundhead Studios, except track 2, recorded at Gaerloch and Gaerloch Studios, Sydney, and track 5 recorded at Roundhead Studios, Auckland.

Recorded and Mixed by John Carroll Kirby

Mastered and Additional Mixed by Jake Viator

Photography by Eddie Chacon


John Carroll Kirby puts an authorial spin on the lo-fi, ambient, new age and retro-futuristic music that many of us escaped into during pandemic-era madness. Aesthetically delightful, My Garden marks the multi-instrumentalist/producer’s solo debut on Stones Throw and has been aptly defined as third-generation exotica, evoking other-worldly pictorial scenes via an explorative application of electronic sophistication.

Matt Micucci (Jazziz)