Music for Saxofone & Bass Guitar More Songs (Leaving Records)

Sam Gendel and Sam Wilkes

Released July 21, 2021

New York Times 10 Best Jazz Albums of 2021




The follow-up to 2018’s underground jazz milestone from Los Angeles-based musicians Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes. Music for Saxofone & Bass Guitar More Songs collects nine additional songs from the duo.

Track Listing:

1. Theem Prototype 04:15

2. Welcome Vibe 02:20

3. I Sing High 02:25

4. Cold Pocket 03:24

5. Streetlevel 01:48

6. Sg’s Prius 01:53

7. Flametop Green 03:45

8. Caroline, No 05:08

9. Greetings to Idris More Songs 02:50


Sam Gendel: saxophone

Sam Wilkes: bass

Additional bass (1, 4, 7) by Daniel Aged

Recorded 2017-2021, at Mh Zh + Daniel’s Basement + etc.
Performed, Recorded, Mixed and Produced by
Sam Gendel + Sam Wilkes
Mastered by Matthewdavid McQueen


Sam Gendel, a saxophonist, and Sam Wilkes, a bassist, are millennial pals who seem equally interested in using music for the purposes of comfort and disruption. In 2018, they put out “Music for Saxofone and Bass Guitar,” a stealthy little album that might have spluttered out of a vat where time, space, genre and the titular instruments themselves had all melted down into a roux. Recorded live to tape and released on Bandcamp, it became an underground obsession. Their follow-up LP, “More Songs,” contains nine additional tracks in the same vein, and it’s at least as hypnotic as the first.

Giovanni Russonello (New York Times)