Maxixe Samba Groove (Brasilianos)

Hamilton de Holanda

Released December 3, 2021

Latin Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Album 2022




Hamilton de Holanda has been one of the most prominent Brazilian musicians on the national and international scene for some time now. With incessant production, not even the pandemic was an obstacle for him. At the beginning of the year, the mandolinist, composer and arranger released the album “Maxixe samba groove”. Soon after, he headed to Europe, where he completed a new tour in France, Italy and Spain.

Most of the new album’s repertoire was composed during quarantine. “Luz de vida”, one of the eight tracks, is the only one that was not signed by Hamilton. The theme was composed by his son, Gabriel, who plays mandolin, and his nephew and double bassist Bento Tibúrcio, son of guitarist Fernando César. Both participated in the recording.

“I have been playing with my father for some time. When he was going to record the new album, he wanted me to participate. Then, I suggested that Bento Tibúrcio, my cousin, also take part”, says Gabriel Holanda. “Using a harmony created by my father, Bento and I composed ‘Luz de vida’. We were happy with our debut as composers,” he adds.

On the other tracks, Hamilton was accompanied by the talented instrumentalists André Vasconcellos (bass), Antônio Neves (drums) and André Siqueira (percussion), who have played with Caetano Veloso, Milton Nascimento, Ivan Lins, Djavan, Zeca Pagodinho, Marisa Monte, Simone and Mart’nália.

In the recordings, Hamilton used several mandolins. One of them, with 10 strings, was built by firefighter and luthier Davi Lopes, who used wood over 200 years old saved from the fire at the National Museum, in Rio de Janeiro, which occurred in 2018.

Six other mandolins were used: two by Tércio Ribeiro and those by Pedro Santos, Rozini HH and Elifas Santana, in addition to the one provided by the Instituto Jacob do Bandolim.

Also present in “Maxixe samba groove” is the Indian flutist and singer Varijashree Venugopal, whose voice is heard in “Choro fado”, the opening track recorded in Bangalore, India. American saxophonist Chris Potter, star of modern jazz, whom Hamilton met at a festival in Miami, plays the solo on “Afro choro”, recorded in New York.

The album also features the tracks “Bruzinho”, “Em nome da espera”, “Ritmo e União”, “Tá nascer no asfalto” and the theme that gives the work its title.

The studio of Daniel Musy, Hamilton’s partner since his first solo album, released in 2002, was used to record and mix the project. André Dias was responsible for mastering, as was the case on the CDs “Casa de Bituca” and “Baile do Almeidinha”, in addition to the series “Caprichos”.

The album cover, designed by Enio Souza, took as reference an image by Pang Way, a Malaysian photographer, specialist in wildlife – especially insects. According to Hamilton, the praying mantis depicted refers to hope, a common feeling in times of difficulty. “Maxixe samba groove” was coordinated by Marcos Portinari, producer and manager of the mandolinist since 2005. The two worked side by side in award-winning projects, including “Bossa Negra”, “Canto de praya”, “Mundo de Pixinguinha” and “Samba de Chico”.

Track Listing:

1. Choro Fado (Hamilton De Holanda) feat. Varijashree Venugopal 03:47

2. Maxixe Samba Groove (Hamilton De Holanda) 03:57

3. Bruzinho (Hamilton De Holanda) 03:25

4. Ritmo e União (Hamilton De Holanda) 03:46

5. Luz de Vida (Hamilton De Holanda) feat. Gabriel de Holanda e Bento Tibúrcio Mendes 03:15

6. Afro Choro (Hamilton De Holanda) feat. Chris Potter 04:58

7. Em Nome da Esperança (Hamilton De Holanda) 02:56

8. Tá Nascendo Flor no Asfalto (Hamilton De Holanda) 03:06


Hamilton De Holanda: mandolin

André Vasconcellos: bass

André Siqueira: percussion

Antonio Neves: drums

Antonio Neves: trombone

Varijashree Venugopal: flute, vocals (1)

Chris Potter: saxophone (6)

Producer: Marcos Portinari

Mastering: André Dias

Mixing Engineer: Daniel Musy