Jazz was born on the edge of an abyss. The body in a ultimate situation discovering the soul. Not the soul hanging on a wall of the theological museum, but the imprisoned psyche in the dungeons of the holy church of morality, freeing itself in the cry thrown by man on the threshold of the abyss. The cry is the orgasm: the Jazz. It is in this sense that we can speak of a Jazz eroticism: the climbing of the psyche towards eros. Only the climbing. Never arrival’s resting point.

That’s why jazz is tension, stretching, extreme pain, the ingredients that make orgasm all in suspension. That’s why Jazz is not terminal, it refuses an end, it continues even when it ends. It’s hunger for love that feeds on dissatisfaction. That’s why Jazz, opens all the range of sounds with which the lost generation showed its flushed face in the last summer of the world. Poetry without letters, magic without hope, an assembly of Bacchantes at the party of the discoverer of the vine, filing the nails to pluck the eyes out to the usurpers of the dream. Because in Jazz what matters, above all, is not to wake up.

Natália Correia (1972)


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